Top 4 Accessories from Your Favorite Patriotic Heroes to Get You Ready for the Fourth of July

Can’t get enough flags and fireworks? Are you already stuffed with hot dogs and apple pie? If you feel like you’re hitting your max the patriotism-ometer before the Fourth is over, then it’s time for you to hero-up with some of the most patriotic crime fighters this side of the Revolutionary War. Freedom knows no bounds when you pick up some of this super hero gear in the name of America!

If you want to show your coworkers you value freedom and liberty in style, then pick up the Captain America Chair Cape – Convention Exclusive. From office chairs to superhero-themed Fourth of July parties, there’s no reason that your chair should go unadorned, especially without freedom! This exclusive chair cape shows the colors that never run. One size fits most chairs, with our adjustable hook and loop based belt and strap design makes sure that The Captain’s symbol fits securely on whatever you’re sitting on. Individually numbered, this collector’s item won’t last long!

Need somewhere to carry all your patriotic gear? Look no further than this Spider-Man Reflective Eyes Backpack! It’s not easy to balance work and saving the city, but with Spider-Man, anything is possible! This outstanding backpack features 3-D embroidered webbing along the top half and flash-reflective eyes for safety at night. The inside has a padded laptop pocket for keeping your valuables safe.

Heading to an upscale during this holiday week? Make sure everyone knows that you fight for truth, justice, and the American way! Suit up with these Superman Shield Logo Blue Stainless Steel Cufflinks! You can really flaunt your DC Comics fandom with these babies at your side. There have never been cufflinks that scream “America” quite so loudly!

Last, but far from least, this summer’s biggest blockbuster lets America’s feminine side shine! Embrace your inner hero with this amazing Wonder Woman Tiara, Bracelets, and Lasso Prop Replica set. You’ve never seen a quality collectible quite like this 1:1 scale prop replica set of Wonder Woman’s most powerful weapons! This display will be the centerpiece of your collection and the focus of your Fourth of July celebration!



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