FunEdibles Will Have You Hungry for More Ghostbusters


USAopoly FunEdibles

Ghostbusters has been a beloved franchise for over three decades now. It has the unique distention of being both a comedy blockbuster and cult classic.

Filled with quotable one-liners, the genius of the film is the subtle humor, which was mostly ad-libbed. Especially when it comes to Bill Murray’s performance as Peter Venkman. Though there’s no denying the brilliance of Harold Ramis and Dan Akroyd’s script, it’s lot easier to have a successful comedy when you have one of the funniest actors in your film.

In the tenure of the franchise there have been a myriad of fun toys, but arguably none are as adorable as the new FunEdibles line from USAopoly. Starting off with the most harmless thing. Something from your childhood. Something that could never ever possibly destroy you. Mr. Stay Puft! Look at that fluffly little marshmallow with his little buff arms lookin’ all tough! Then you’ve got the Gelatin Slimer, which seems like such an easy transition that it’s surprising more haven’t been seen at themed parties through the years.

Stay Puft and Slimer are both adorable, but the fan favorite will probably be Pizza Venkman. I can’t tell you why it makes sense to have Dr. Venkman as a slice of pizza, it just does. The world is full of all sorts of weird little mysteries! Best not to question the fun ones!

You can pre-order all three of these adorable little guys from Entertainment Earth today.

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