Add a Little Ultra-Violence to Your Vinyl Figure Collection

A Clockwork Orange Vinyl Idolz

Listen up, my droogs! The original anti-hero from A Clockwork Orange is here, in fabulous vinyl. The A Clockwork Orange Alex Vinyl Idolz Vinyl Figure is exactly what you’ve been missing. Dressed in his classic white outfit, suspenders, black bowler, and the perfect eye liner, this figure will smirk his way into your heart.

A Clockwork Orange was Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of the novel with the same name; a groundbreaking work that married violence, comedy, and social criticism. Alex is a violent youth into torture, driving fast, and milk-plus. He becomes a pawn in a much larger game, with two opposing political camps using him to demonstrate the flaws in the other’s philosophy. The film was a hit with critics and audiences, but remains controversial to this day. There’s no doubt that without Kubrick’s pitch-perfect adaptation, Tarantino’s work would never have seen the light of day.

This 8-inch figure harkens back to the excitement, intrigue, and tone of the film. Easily recognizable as a caricature of Malcolm McDowell in his breakout role, this figure is made to the playful aesthetic of the Vinyl Idolz line. Any fan of the book, film, or Kubrick will appreciate this homage to A Clockwork Orange. You can pre-order yours today from Entertainment Earth!

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A Clockwork Orange Alex Vinyl Idolz



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