Adventure Time Dorbz Add Color to Any Collection in the Land of Ooo

Adventure Time Dorbz

Oh my glob, Adventure Time Dorbz vinyl figures from Funko?! That’s right!

We must be in an alternate universe, because our favorite characters from Cartoon Network’s wacky show have been transformed into cute, smiling 3-inch tall vinyl figures.

The post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo wouldn’t be nearly as fun without our hero, Finn, and his dog, Jake. They’re our first figures and ready for their next journey, as Finn wields his sword.

Princess Bubblegum was once the ruler of the Candy Kingdom, but she’s still doing pretty okay by herself these days, and is always a loyal friend to Finn and Jake. This extraordinarily pink vinyl figure comes with a limited edition chase variant of the princess in a different outfit. We cannot guarantee which figure you’ll get.

Bubblegum isn’t the only princess in the Land of Ooo! Flame Princess is an inhabitant of the Fire Kingdom, as seen by her flaming head and hands. But don’t worry, she’s a good guy.

Last is the 1,000 year old Marceline. This vampire started as an antagonist to our heroes, but over time became one of their closest friends. She’s seen here showing off her fangs.

If you’re ready for adventure, pre-order these adorable figures from Entertainment Earth today! They’re expected to arrive in May.

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» Pre-Order Adventure Time Finn Dorbz Vinyl Figure

Adventure Time Finn Dorbz

» Pre-Order Adventure Time Jake Dorbz Vinyl Figure

Adventure Time Jake Dorbz

» Pre-Order Adventure Time Princess Bubblegum Dorbz Vinyl Figure

Adventure Time Bubblegum Dorbz
Adventure Time Bubblegum Dorbz Chase

» Pre-Order Adventure Time Flame Princess Dorbz Vinyl Figure

Adventure Time Flame Princess Dorbz

» Pre-Order Adventure Time Marceline Dorbz Vinyl Figure

Adventure Time Marcelina Dorbz



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