#WeAreAllFreaks, Even These New Pop! Vinyls


When you see these new Pop! Vinyl Figures from Funko, you’ll want to sing the Name Game! That’s right – Funko is introducing a new line to their already titillating roundup of American Horror Story Pop! Vinyl Figures. Welcome Elsa Mars (with Ma Petite), Bette and Dot Tattler, Pepper, and Twisty as Pop! Vinyls in an eerie nod to American Horror Story’s fourth season, Freak Show.

Fans will surely recognize Elsa Mars, as played by Jessica Lange, in her beautiful blue outfit from her Freak Show vocal debut of Life on Mars. Along with Elsa is her friend and confidante, the innocently sweet Ma Petite. This mini Pop! is based on the size of the world’s smallest woman and the actor who played Ma Petite, Jyoti Amge.

Have you ever seen a Pop! Vinyl Figure quite like the Tattler twins – infectiously happy Bette and critical and caustic Dot? The sturdy figure carries the weight of both heads of the conjoined twins. The faces reflect the troubled emotions of both women, with Bette’s pleasant expression and Dot’s furrowed brow. Bette and Dot try to achieve happiness in their own unique way in Freak Show. Will you add a little joy to their lives by adding them to your collection?

Enjoy the Pepper Pop!, who really POPS as this vinyl figure. Pepper is the first character in the American Horror Story multi-verse to appear in two separate seasons, and now she can make an illustrious appearance in your collection! Don’t let looks fool you – this gal is a sweetheart, and she’ll liven up any collection with her infectious smile.

You’ll want to keep Twisty the Clown far away from the likes of your collection! Poor misunderstood Twisty is still a villain, despite his horrifically silly outer appearance. You never know when he’ll want to entertain or attack!

This ghoulish set of figures is ready to join your collection and currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth! Each figure is approximately 3 3/4-inches tall and comes packaged in a window-display box.

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