Bob’s Burgers Dorbz Feature the Whole Belcher Family

Funko Bobs Burgers Dorbz

It’s time to get your favorite burger puns ready, because the absolute best TV family is coming to town. While other families might live off of insulting one another, the Belcher’s are all about positivity and love (with a healthy dash of sarcasm and pranks thrown in for fun). You can now proudly display the Bob’s Burgers Dorbz Vinyl Figures presented by Funko!

Master Chef Bob is featured in his signature white apron and his black mustache is neatly combed on his face. I’m sure he’s busy thinking up his next signature burger of the day. Songbird Linda looks like she’s ready to start humming a tune any minute now. Her red glasses and top give this mama a dash of color.

Of course, we can’t forget the Belcher kids! Tina speaks to the awkward teenager in all of us, and she looks stylish as always in her blue ensemble and black framed glasses. Middle child Gene is ready to bust out some tunes on his keyboard. He chooses the practical look with simple shorts and a yellow top. Finally, mastermind Louise is a fan favorite and looks adorable in her classic simple green dress and pink bunny ears.

Each of these Dorbz measure approximately 3-inches tall and come packaged in a window display box. They are recommended for ages 14 and up.

Place your pre-orders now, because these must-have collectibles will be available later this month!

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» PRE-ORDER Bobs Burgers Bob Belcher Dorbz Vinyl Figure

Bob Belcher Dorbz

» PRE-ORDER Bobs Burgers Linda Belcher Dorbz Vinyl Figure

Linda Belcher Dorbz

» PRE-ORDER Bobs Burgers Tina Belcher Dorbz Vinyl Figure

Tina Belcher Dorbz

» PRE-ORDER Bobs Burgers Gene Belcher Dorbz Vinyl Figure

Gene Belcher Dorbz

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Louise Belcher Dorbz



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