Best Friends from Guardians of the Galaxy Become Deluxe Vinyl Figures

GOTG Deluxe Figures

Ain’t no thing like these deluxe figures, except these Guardians of the Galaxy Super Deluxe Vinyl Figures from Funko!

Best friends Rocket Racoon and Groot arrive as seriously awesome vinyl figures. They’re adorable, colorful, and will look great in any collection.

Groot stands an impressive 11-inches tall in a pose that shows he’s ready for anything.

Always a little rough around the edges, Rocket sports a nasty snarl on his face and has his trust gun in his hands. He stands 7 1/2-inches tall and comes with a 3-inch tall baby potted Groot who happily waves beside him.

Each figure comes in a window display box that are smoothly designed.

The super deluxe BFF vinyl figures are currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth with free shipping and are expected to arrive later this month.

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» Pre-Order Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Super Deluxe Vinyl Figure

Groot Deluxe Vinyl Figure

» Pre-Order Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Super Deluxe Vinyl Figure

Rocket Deluxe Vinyl Figure



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