Funko Represents Saturday Morning Cartoons with Hanna-Barbera Pop! Vinyls

Hanna-Barbera Pop! Vinyls

As one of the greatest animation studios, these brand new Hanna-Barbera Pop! Vinyl Figures from Funko make perfect sense! Colorful and cartoon-y, they are the perfect figures for the maudlin in us all.

Secret Squirrel is a satirical James Bond type character and the best rodent for the job. With his white coat and purple fedora masking his eyes, he looks every bit the Agent 000 he is. As a Pop! Vinyl, Squirrel holds one of his many guns in hand, ready for the mission.

Aiding Squirrel is, of course, Morocco Mole! With his fez, glasses, and finger pointed in the air, he can solve any mystery.

From Wacky Races there are four new Pop! Vinyls, including a vehicle.

Little Gruesome is a purple vampire and the brains of the duo between himself and Big Gruesome. Able to call on the help of various horror creatures, these two are prone to foul play as they drive along in their hearse-like car.

Beware of Dick Dastardly and his sidekick, Muttley! These individual figures faithfully depict them, from Dastardly’s outlandish outfit and mustache to Muttley’s winged helmet and goggles.

Sold separately is Muttley in the bright purple Mean Machine!

The Pop! Vinyls are packaged in window display boxes and currently available at Entertainment Earth where in-stock orders of $79 or more receive free shipping.

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Secret Squirrel Pop! Vinyl

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Morocco Mole Pop! Vinyl

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Little Gruesome Pop! Vinyl

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Dick Dastardly Pop! Vinyl

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Muttley Pop! Vinyl

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Muttley and Mean Machine Pop! Vinyl Vehicle



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