New Wave of Harry Potter Pop! Vinyls Includes a Godfather, House Elf, and Yule Ball

Harry Potter Pop! Vinyls

Accio brand new Harry Potter Pop! Vinyl figures!

The wizarding world is full of colorful characters, dark magic, and adventure around every corner.

As we all continue to wait for our Hogwarts letters (yes, still), these new figures are a great way to connect with this enchanting universe.

There are several new figures, including the Golden Trio in alternate outfits! Harry was never supposed to be in the Triwizard Tournament but here he is, wand at the ready and repping the colors of his school house.

Ron and Hermione, meanwhile, look marvelous in their Yule Ball robes. Hermione charms Viktor Krum in a pink, frilly dress while Ron is none too pleased with his traditional wizard dress robes.

More of their schoolmates are joining the collection, too, so give a warm welcome to Draco Malfoy and Luna Lovegood! They’re dressed in their Slytherin and Ravenclaw robes, respectively, and Luna even has her radish earrings!

Next are two very important adults in Harry’s life: Dumbledore, with a new variant figure that shows him in lilac robes and his wand held out, and Sirius Black, Harry’s dashing and brave godfather.

Rounding off this wave of figures are two creatures from the wizarding world, one a friend and one remarkably less so. Dobby looks absolutely adorable with his large ears and eyes and sock in one hand. The Dementor, meanwhile, sends a chill down your spine, ready to give you a kiss…

These 3 3/4-inch figures might not replace a Hogwarts letter, but they certainly are magical in their own way! And they’re available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth, with an expected arrival of April.

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» Pre-Order Harry Potter Triwizard Harry Pop! Vinyl Figure

Harry Potter Triwizard Pop! Vinyl

» Pre-Order Harry Potter Yule Ball Ron Pop! Vinyl Figure

Ron Yule Ball Pop! Vinyl

» Pre-Order Harry Potter Yule Ball Hermione Pop! Vinyl Figure

Hermione Yule Ball Pop! Vinyl

» Pre-Order Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Pop! Vinyl Figure

Luna Lovegood pop! Vinyl

» Pre-Order Harry Potter Draco Malfoy Pop! Vinyl Figure

Draco Malfoy Pop! Vinyl

» Pre-Order Harry Potter Sirius Black Pop! Vinyl Figure

Sirius Black Pop! Vinyl

» Pre-Order Harry Potter Dumbledore with Wand Pop! Vinyl Figure

Dumbledore with Wand Pop! Vinyl

» Pre-Order Harry Potter Dobby Pop! Vinyl Figure

Dobby Pop! Vinyl

» Pre-Order Harry Potter Dementor Pop! Vinyl Figure

Dementor Pop! Vinyl



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