Have You Ever Held Your Vinyl Figure in the Air and Yelled, ‘Aaaaah’?

Hot Fuzz Vinyl Idolz

Ever have the feeling that the people at Funko are just as nerdy as you and like the same cult favorites as you? Well here’s more proof: Hot Fuzz Vinyl Idolz Figures!

Hot Fuzz is the 2007 action comedy from writer/director Edgar Wright and his two besties: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The film is part two in the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy (the first is Shaun of the Dead and the third is The World’s End).

Fuzz tells the tale (in the style of an 80s action movie) of “supercop” Nicholas Angel (Pegg) as he gets relocated to the sleepy town of Sandford, Gloucestershire. There he meets PC Simon Pegg Hot Fuzz Guns Danny Butterman (Frost), the underachieving son of town chief Inspector Frank Butterman (Jim Broadbent, or as I like to call him, Horace Slughorn). It’s an awesome movie and these vinyl figures are equally as awesome (and adorable)!

The Sergeant Angel figure comes dressed to kill — literally. He sports his Point Break-esque shades, Kevlar vest, two shotguns — accompanied with bullets in said vest and on the grip, just like in the movie — and two pistols.

When thinking about how to make this figure, you really can’t go wrong with putting him in his “Bad Boys II outfit.”

Hot Fuzz Ice Cream The Danny Butterman figure comes wearing his constable/policeman-officer outfit. What’s brilliant is the figure’s expression. Funko was able to capture the dumbfounded doofus look that only Frost can achieve.

You may be saying, “So Angel comes holding his weapons. Danny must hold a weapon too, right?” Kinda. Danny holds the only thing he holds dear to him, besides his father — an ice-cream cone. A Cornetto ice-cream cone, for that matter. If this doesn’t prove to you that Funko know’s what’s up, then I don’t know what to tell you.

The figures both measure 8-inches tall and come packaged in a window display box.

Don’t let the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance get these figures before you! The Hot Fuzz Vinyl Idolz Figures are currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth, with an expected arrival of October 2015.

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