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Jelly Babies & Geronimo! Funko and Playmobil Doctor Who Action Figures


For many Doctor Who fans, the scene near the end of “The Day of the Doctor” (2013) in which Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor meets Tom Baker’s Fourth – or, more properly, his own future self, who has decided to revisit a familiar face, one of “the old favorites” – felt like the perfect capper to the show’s golden anniversary year.

But as wonderful as this moment was, wouldn’t a meeting between these two incarnations of the Doctor in their primes be even more exceptional?

Given the pesky, non-timey-wimey nature of reality, we’ll never see such a team up. But a teamup between two of the biggest names in collectible toys will give Whovians the power to play out that marvelous meeting for themselves!

Among the characters making appearances in the first wave of the Funko and Playmobil collaboration are the Fourth and the Eleventh Doctors!

Rendered here in unmistakable Playmobil style you remember with careful attention to on-screen details (including trusty sonic screwdrivers), these two figures will delight any fan of the universe’s most famous Time Lord.

Standing 6-inches tall, each Funko x Playmobil Action Figure is the perfect for retro popular culture collectors. Each figure features articulation at the shoulders and wrists.

You can pre-order these amazing figures today from Entertainment Earth!

7783_drwho_drwho11_playmobil_glam_hires 7784_drwho_drwho4_playmobil_glam_hires



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