The Mummy Gets a New Look


There have been dozens of takes on the classic Universal Monster over the decades; a few have been funny and others truly terrifying. Some will always prefer Karloff’s Mummy, or Lee’s, or even Vosloo’s – but it’s undeniable that the newest re-imagining is certainly a different one.

No longer is the marauding mummy the tortured Imhotep. This time, she is the ancient princess Ahmanet, brought to life by Algerian actress Sofia Boutella. (It is a nice change of pace to see an actual North African actor playing a mummy…)

The Mummy may be hitting theaters this June, bringing plagues and dark magic with her, but Funko’s line of Pop! figures immortalizing the film’s characters will be here in May – giving you just enough time to get a pre-order in before the rivers run red with blood.


The Ahmanet Pop! shows the princess pre-mummification, in her linen dress, golden accessories, and colorful teal makeup.


The Mummy Pop! is a far cry from her royal brightness, depicting her monstrous transformation complete with facial tattoos, ancient wrappings, and lifeless grey skin.


We can’t forget the hero determined to thwart the Mummy’s evil plans: the Nick Morton Pop! has a tiny Tom Cruise in his adventurer’s gear and gloves.

All three stand the usual 3 3/4-inches tall and come packaged in themed window boxes for easy display. And, unlike the immortal Mummy, they won’t be around forever: so pre-order the trio today!




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