Transform Your Sailor Moon Collection with Pop! Vinyls!

Sailor Moon Pop! Vinyls

It was only a matter of time before this happened: Sailor Moon Pop! Vinyl figures! Here to dispense love and justice in the name of the moon are the Inner Senshi along with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask!

Each figure has a unique pose that will be easily recognizable to fans of the series. Tuxedo Mask looks ludicrously dashing with his flowing cape and rose in hand, and Sailor Mercury has her Mercury Aqua Mist bubble at the ready!

Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus also come with their kitty companions, Luna and Artemis! These adorable inclusions alone are enough to make me want to own them!

All six vinyl figures are available to pre-order at Entertainment Earth, with projected delivery in time for Usagi’s birthday in June. These will no doubt be extremely POPular, so get your order in now!

» See All Sailor Moon Pop! Vinyl Figures

» Pre-Order Sailor Moon with Luna Pop! Vinyl Figure

Sailor Moon Pop! Vinyl

» Pre-Order Sailor Mercury Pop! Vinyl Figure

Sailor Mercury Pop! Vinyl

» Pre-Order Sailor Mars Pop! Vinyl Figure

Sailor Mars Pop! Vinyl

» Pre-Order Sailor Jupiter Pop! Vinyl Figure

Sailor Jupiter Pop! Vinyl

» Pre-Order Sailor Venus with Artemis Pop! Vinyl Figure

Sailor Venus Pop! Vinyl

» Pre-Order Tuxedo Mask Pop! Vinyl Figure

Tuxedo Mask Pop! Vinyl



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