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These ReAction Figures Thrive on the Final Frontier

Star Trek

Are you ready to go on a 5 year mission to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no man has gone before? With these new Star Trek ReAction Figures from Funko, your collection will explore new worlds with the captain himself!

Each ReAction figure measures 3 3/4-inches tall with 5 points of articulation in a simplified retro Kenner format and features the 1980s style card back design. They continue the series that began with Spock, Uhura, Sulu, and McCoy.

The captain himself is ready to stun! James T. Kirk features the likeness of William Shatner in his gold Command uniform. He comes with a blaster, which we’re seriously hoping is set to stun!

While the ship couldn’t fly without a captain, it couldn’t stay in the air without its mechanic! Up next is Scotty in his red uniform, also carrying a blaster. Based on James Doohan’s iconic performance, he’s ready to give her all she’s got, captain!

Who doesn’t want a Gorn of their very own? The reptilian species joins the ReAction line, as seen in the episode “Arena.” He doesn’t even blink!

Vina was the sole survivor of a crash on Talos IV, played by Susan Oliver in Star Trek: The Original Series. This figure replicates her appearance as an Orion slave girl with green skin, gold clothes, and cascading black hair.

Assemble your crew today at Entertainment Earth!

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