There’s No Better Bargain Than This Funko Star Wars Pop! Vinyl 3-Pack

In his palace on Tatooine, Jabba the Hutt holds Princess Leia as one of his captives. Luke Skywalker infiltrates the palace but has no luck persuading Jabba to release his friends. Instead, the crime lord throws Luke into the Rancor pit.

This Previews Exclusive Star Wars POP! Vinyl Figure 3-Pack includes Pop! Vinyl figures of Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker and Slave Oola in 3 3/4″ scale, as well as a 6″ tall Rancor. All 3 Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head Figures come in a window box package.

Recreate the famous scene from Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi with this awesome set! Battle the mighty Rancor before he eats the Slave Oola!

Don’t miss this Preview Exclusive, pre-order the Star Wars Pop! Vinyl 3-Pack now at Entertainment Earth!

Star Wars Rancor, Luke, and Oola Pop! Vinyl Figure Bobble Head 3-Pack - Previews Exclusive



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