Something’s Up with The Nightmare Before Christmas Dorbz

Nightmare Before Christmas Dorbz

Everyone’s waiting for the next surprise, and here it is! Like a most improbable dream come these The Nightmare Before Christmas Dorbz vinyl figures from Funko.

Are you ready for some ghoulish puns straight from Tim Burton’s stop-motion film? …Get ready. There are few who deny at what I do I am the best.

These adorbz-able vinyl figures – which stand about 3-inches tall – should belong to anyone (not anyone, in fact, but me!). Join in the enthusiastic cloud surrounding The Nightmare Before Christmas Dorbz, which feature the likenesses of Jack, the renowned Pumpkin King, and Jack dressed up as “Sandy Claws,” as well as sweetly sad Sally and the villainous Oogie Boogie!

The Nightmare Before ChristmasLet’s first look at our Pumpkin King. What will become of our dear friend, Jack, now that he wears a grin atop his plump yet skeletal body? If you don’t love this figure, then there’s something here you don’t quite grasp. The Master of Fright and Demon of Light comes to you in his all his eerie goodness, so through your fingers this figure shall not slip!

Will the Sally Dorbz Vinyl Figure see how much she means to us? Sporting a sweet little smile, Sally grins at us among her rags and scraggy carcass, eliciting feelings of hope and longing for the day she might join your collection. Will you ever end up together? Oh, we think so, it is to become, for she IS the one.

Oh look, what’s this? It’s not hard to put my bony finger on what’s great about Santa “Sandy Claws” Jack Skellington. It’s theirs this time, so the spooky inhabitants of Halloween Town are making Christmas – under the leadership of the well-meaning and overzealous Jack. Capture the special kind of feeling in Christmas Land when you collect festive Jack!

Oh, brother! You put me in a spin! The nefarious Oogie Boogie is a quite a cute collectible, though you may need to watch him lest he try to toss his inauspicious dice. Say it once, say it twice, though this collectible may be mean-spirited, his Dorbz demeanor is quite nice!

Have you grown so tired of the same old thing? Fall for the ghost-like charm of The Nightmare Before Christmas Dorbz. These “dolls and toys” confuse me so; confound it all, I love it though – so add these cute little guys to your collection!

The children are asleep so it’s time for the collector in you to rise like a vulture in the sky with The Nightmare Before Christmas Dorbz, which are currently available at Entertainment Earth, where in-stock orders of $79 or more receive free shipping. Eureka!

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