Hit the Skies with Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet!

Funko WW Invisible Jet

I hope she has an invisible pilot’s licence for this thing. Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet is less famous than the iconic Batmobile, but that’s not for lack of coolness. Courtesy of our friends at Funko you can now own Wonder Woman with her Invisible Jet!

The Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Pop! Vinyl Vehicle comes with a classic Wonder Woman Pop! Figure to fit snuggly in the Invisible Jet. At 12-inches long and with a wing span of 8-inches, this will make an impressive display on your shelf. Wonder Woman’s tiara, breastplate, and bracelets are painted metallic to give the Amazonian princess a royal touch, while the Invisible Jet is rendered in clear plastic, making it just visible enough that you won’t lose it in your collection. You can find it at Entertainment Earth right now for pre-orders!

For those of you who just can’t wait, available now from Funko is the Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Dorbz Ridez! Smaller than the Pop! Jet at 8-inches long, this set also includes a smiling Wonder Woman Dorbz figure to sit in the pilot’s seat.

Both sets come packaged in double-sided window boxes to display mint in your collection and are a must-have for any Wonder Woman fan or Funko collector. Get yours today!

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WW Invisible Jet Pop! Vinyl

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