These Mammals Are the Hottest Pop! Vinyl Figures in Zootopia

From the ritzy Sahara Square and frigid Tundratown, these new Funko Pop! Vinyl figures from Zootopia are the hippest animals around.

In this world, animals have to challenge preconceived stereotypes about their species – and none more so than Judy Hopps, the police force’s first rabbit officer. She looks ready for business in her blue uniform, ready to right all the wrongs she can.

… Which includes teaming up with Nick Wilde, a red fox and con artist seen here in slacks and a green button-up, to help solve a major crime plaguing Zootopia.

Nick’s partner-in-crime is Finnick, a fennec fox, who really hates being mistaken for a toddler. But that’s easy to do when he’s wearing an elephant onesie with a pacifier, as he’s seen here!

Another of Nick’s friends is a major pain for Judy – after all, DMV’s are annoying enough without being run by sloths. However, Flash, this three-toed sloth, sure is adorable.

Last is Mr. Big, the antagonist of the film. Don’t judge this arctic shrew’s size – as seen by his suit and fancy ring, this mammal means business.

Embrace your wild side and order these great Zootopia Funko Pops from Entertainment Earth today! All in-stock orders of $79 or more receive free shipping.

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Zootopia Judy Pop! Vinyl

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Zootopia Finnick Pop! Vinyl

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