Solo Gambit Film Loses Director, Adding Yet Another Problem to This Film’s Slate


Oh, boy. As if Fox’s upcoming Gambit film wasn’t plagued by enough drama, it just lost its director, Rupert Wyatt.

Wyatt released an official statement explaining his departure:

“I was very much looking forward to working with my friend Channing and the team at Fox, but regrettably a push in the start date now conflicts with another project. I thank them for the opportunity, and I know that Gambit will make a terrific film.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there are a couple possible reasons for the changed start date, the first being a change in the script which caused a domino effect.

A second source said that trying to schedule shooting around Mardi Gras was the problem.

Either way, losing a director is never easy and the studio will have to find a replacement relatively quickly.

There’s a lot riding on this film, as well as the solo Deadpool film. Fox has had success with their X-Men films but if they want to start competing with Marvel and Warner Bros. in terms of having a cinematic universe, they need their solo character films to succeed.

This doesn’t mean Gambit is going to fail in any way, but it’s not a good sign that the film has had so much trouble in pre-production.

Gambit is set to hit theaters on October 7, 2016. It stars Channing Tatum and Léa Seydoux.



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