Game of Thrones Fans Beware: The Night King and Viserion Are Here!

Consider this your final warning, folks! If you haven’t finished the latest season of the HBO hit show, click back now or forever hold your peace!

…Are they gone? GOOD.

So check out this crazy awesome Pop! Ridez figure: the chilling Night King riding Viserion, the resurrected dragon!

Poor Dany didn’t just lose one of her beloved dragons; she had to see him brought back to life as an ice zombie and become the terrifying steed of the evil Night King. Talk about bummers…

The Night King has a highly-sculpted head featuring his spiny ice horns and glowing blue eyes, while Viserion’s undead wings have become tattered, his skin pale and eyes a soulless sapphire.

This dead, destructive pair make an impressive duo and will standout in your collection. They’ll be arriving – appropriately enough – in the middle of winter, so order now and clear a swathe through your Pops in anticipation.



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