Geek Headlines: Black Panther Bonus Features, Solo Premiere, a Ton of Pop!s, and More!

New Marvel digital downloads, Solo: A Star Wars Story world premiere, and a bunch of new Funko Pop!s? That’s right, people! It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another week of geek headlines.

To Infinity War and Beyond!

No surprise here – Avengers: Infinity War maintained its current box office lead with an astounding $7.5 million in ticket sales. Meanwhile, Overboard overtook A Quiet Place to be this week’s number two box office pick. With Deadpool 2 premiering next week and Solo on the horizon, can the Avengers keep their lead for the fourth week in a row?

Bring the Black Panther Home (Now With Bonus Features)

The King of Wakanda has finally returned. After one of the greatest stints in box office history, Marvel’s Black Panther is now available for digital download. With tons of bonus features, including an inside look at Marvel Studios’ 10-year anniversary, this is one movie you’ll want to watch again, and again… and again.

Solo: A Star Wars Story World Premiere

The cast and crew of the latest Star Wars anthology film had an out-of-this-world premiere this week in Hollywood. The first reactions are in and according to attendees such as IGN’s Jacki Jing,  she was “completely floored” by the film and was “on the edge of her seat.” Excited yet?

The (Big) Boys Are Back in Town

And in toy news, Funko celebrated its 20th anniversary with the totally awesome (and accurate) Bob’s Big Boy Pop!. Fans know you don’t mess with the Big Boy, and this updated vinyl figure offers a new take on the older classic.

But that wasn’t all for Funko! We also got a look at the great new Bullet Club figures featuring Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, and the Young Bucks in all their NJPW glory. Yup, the WWE has got some serious competition with these bad boys. If you haven’t watched Omega in action, you’re missing out.

Hot Off the Truck + Twilight Zone Giveaway

And to celebrate Twilight Zone Day, we have a few giveaways plus tons of cool new items in stock, including a wicked Jurassic World mask, a beautiful new DC Designer Series Batman statue,  a few Weta goodies, and a whole lot more.

To see what’s hot off the truck, check out our video below!

Hot off the Truck 5/11

DC Designer Series Batman by Mike Mignola Colored Statue http://eearth.us/?l=m3s1vp Krampus Klaue Teddy Bear Plush http://eearth.us/?l=v4c7pv Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Dino Mask with Sounds http://eearth.us/?l=x3ph4k The Lord of the Rings Gandalf on Gwaihir Mini-Statue http://eearth.us/?l=ysf32w Twilight Zone Action Figures http://eearth.us/?l=81xgqk The Twilight Zone Pin Mate Wooden Figure Set of 6 http://eearth.us/?l=zxd1th

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