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Batman: The Animated Series Is Bigger Than Ever and This Jumbo Action Figure Proves It

Batman: The Animated Series Combat Belt Batman Jumbo Action Figure

As DC wrestles with the current incarnation of Batman in their cinematic universe, viewers and fans are fondly remembering the weekday afternoon series that brought Batman to life for a generation. Batman: The Animated Series is more beloved than ever and collectors are just getting started with the high quality figures and collectibles that are coming to market.

In 1993, classic toy maker Kenner introduced a 5-inch Batman figure based on the popular animated series. Owners of that figure, and folks who missed out on it, will want to get a hold of this: the Batman: The Animated Series Combat Belt Batman Jumbo Action Figure!

This figure is a bumped-up version of the original Kenner figure, going from 5-inches to 12! This upsized, 1:6 recreation is made from actual 3D scans of the original figure and meticulously captures the spirit of the series. The unique, minimalist aesthetic of Batman: The Animated Series comes through, bringing you the Caped Crusader as he lived on our televisions through the 90s and in recent DVD collector sets.

Gentle Giant is paying homage to Kenner with this figure, but is also paying homage to the nostalgia we feel for a time when the super hero wasn’t so dark and gruesome as he comes across in so many of today’s recent films. Pre-order yours with free shipping today at Entertainment Earth!

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