1:4 Scale Statue Is Patrolling the Streets of Johannesburg and Your Collection

chappie statue

Before Neil Blomkamp can take on Alien, his next original science-fiction movie Chappie will hit theatres. We’re already hyped for the movie and now even more-so with Gentle Giant’s Chappie Scout 22 1:4 Scale Statue, currently available at Entertainment Earth.

Scout 22, also known as Chappie, might just be one of the cutest robot’s you’ve seen. Naive and child-like, Chappie can learn and feel just like you or me. He’s an A.I. that patrols Johannesburg and now a stunning statue from Gentle Giant.

He can protect your collection because he’s as brave as they come, taking on assignments deemed too risky for humans. Standing at a whopping 18 1/2-inches tall, this statue will be one of the most impressive pieces in your collection. The 1:4 scale piece is made of high quality polystone and was created using the original digital files from the film.

Chappie is posed on a base to resemble stone steps that are crumbling and partially destroyed. He carries a rifle, at-the-ready, and is ready to take any action necessary.

The resemblance to the robot from the movie is incredible. All of its components and colors match up to create a very true to life piece that will be great for any film or robot fan’s collection.

The Chappie Scout 22 1:4 Scale Statue is available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth, with a scheduled arrival of January 2016.

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chappie statue



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