Deadpool’s Jerkwad-Charm Captured in Collector’s Gallery Statue

 Deadpool Collector's Gallery Statue

In a year that could be carpeted wall-to-wall with superhero movies, there is one hero who stands out. Unlike others, he’s not taking up arms against different superheroes, and he is certainly not fighting for truth, justice, and the American way. No, Deadpool is all about Deadpool, and if something like justice is served, that’s just more collateral damage. The Merc with a Mouth defies all superhero convention (aside from wearing a mask, which is still a must for him).

Deadpool may not be the hero that we want showing up when we are in trouble, but it could be that he is the anti-hero we deserve. While die-hard comic fans have been turned on to him for a while now, it is his first movie that has made him a sensation. Deadpool may go down in history as one of the strangest and most interesting comic book characters since The Tick, but he has captured the hearts of fans around the world. And now, you can capture Deadpool with this Deadpool Collector’s Gallery Statue.

Deadpool is seen suited up and loaded for action. Strapped to his back are his trademark swords and he is surrounded by an arsenal of weaponry that could take down even a well-funded crime organization – he’s holding an RPG, for goodness sake! The artist has captured the attitude perfectly. His shrug and pose just wouldn’t work with any other hero.

This statue is a highly detailed collector’s item. The paint and sculpting show the utmost attention for the true capture of character. At 1:8 scale, this statue fits in with any collection. This killer statue isn’t going to be hitting the collector’s market for some time, but you can pre-order yours with Free U.S. Shipping now from Entertainment Earth!

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 Deadpool Collector's Gallery Statue



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