You Can Get Cocky with This Heroic Star Wars Bust, Kid

Han Solo Bust

At the end of A New Hope, Han Solo returns and helps Luke Skywalker destroy the Death Star, proving himself to be the hero we always knew he was. Now you can celebrate one of the smuggler’s finest moments with Gentle Giant’s Star Wars Han Solo Hero of Yavin Mini-Bust!

As the Death Star approached the Rebel base on Yavin 4, who should shoot out from the sky to aid his friends but the one and only Han Solo?

Without him, there’s a chance the Rebels could have lost this battle!

This great bust, crafted from polystone and in 1:6 scale, shows Han Solo from the end of Star Wars, with his Rebellion medal around his neck. Of course, he wouldn’t be the Han we know and love if he didn’t have a smug expression on his face.

It’s a memorable scene, a memorable character, and will certainly be a memorable piece in your collection! This bust is available now at Entertainment Earth with free shipping, so get yours today.

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