Get Two Types of Nostalgic with G.I. Joe Construction Commandos

Hasbro Construction Commandos

Hybrid toys are all the rage. Taking familiar characters and interpreting them through established toy formats is a fun way to remember two types of retro fun. Take, for example, the He-Man figures that are made in the aesthetic of old Star Wars figures – or the successful video game series, LEGO Star Wars. These hybrids leverage the nostalgia for two brands and do it right. Well, there’s a new player in town, these amazing figures in the Kre-O G.I. Joe Construction Commandos Exclusive Pack.

It’s G.I. Joe as you’ve never seen them before! Construction Commandos will look and feel an awful lot like building blocks. The familiar characters of Sgt. Slaughter’s Marauders and Destro’s Iron Grenadiers come to life in a brand new way.

This former convention exclusive pack comes fully loaded. Sgt. Slaughter’s team is completed by Gabriel “Barbecue” Kelly, Spirit Iron-Knife, Low-Light, and Andrew “Footloose” Myers. They are armed to the teeth and ready to fight.

And fight they will! Destro leads an intimidating force of his own. He brings along Voltar, Darklon, an Iron Grenadier Officer, and an Iron Grenadier Trooper. They have their own weapons and are ready to bring the fight to the Marauders.

Both collections come packed in a wonderfully retro VHS-style packaging. This set includes all 12 Kreon mini-figures and one battle vehicle to bring all the action together. With the innovating Construction Commandos style, you’ll be able to use these figures in ways that are brand new—with toys and settings that no Joe has ever been mixed with. Fans of G.I. Joe will want to jump at this exclusive pack, and they can – because it’s in stock now at Entertainment Earth!

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