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Vigo Demands More Ghostbusters II Action Figures!

In the ’80s there was a tiny comedy/science fiction film called Ghostbusters. From it spawned a sequel, animated series, comic book, and reboot with an all new line-up of lady Ghostbusters. All of the films were successful and they remain a part of pop culture history to be passed down from parent to child for generations to come. Keeping that tradition alive is the passing along of collectibles and memorabilia. So, why not start with these amazing Ghostbusters II figures?

The Select Series 6 Figure Set includes Ray Stantz in his gray jumpsuit and Santa hat, Louis Tully finally suited up as a Ghostbuster in his tan jumpsuit, and of course the villain of the piece, Vigo the Carpathian. Ray, one of the founding members of the team was possessed by Vigo in the film for a short time, but once he was slimed with the pink goo that was flowing beneath the city (the same stuff that made a toaster dance), he snapped back to the Ray we know and love. Ghostbusters II finally allowed Tully the chance to become a hero, “saving” the boys by blasting the shield around the museum that the guys were trapped inside. Vigo’s evil plan was to inhabit the newborn body of Dana’s son and once again rule the world… though those plans were thwarted by our favorite team of good guys.

Each Ghostbusters figure includes a piece from a diorama that you can use to build the sign and doors of the Ghostbusters firehouse headquarters. Get this set, and all the rest obviously so you can have the complete set and build the full diorama!



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