Scarlett O’Hara Is a Real Doll Thanks to Madame Alexander

Everyone knows that Scarlett O’Hara (created by Margaret Mitchell and brought to life by the stunning Vivien Leigh) is one of cinema’s greatest beauties. A real firebrand, Scarlett refused to accept anything but the best: be it clothes, homes, or husbands.

Now Madame Alexander is releasing two new dolls to commemorate the iconic Southern heroine.

The Gone With the Wind Scarlett O’Hara In Love Birds Dress doll is elegantly dressed from head to toe. Her dress is a dark navy taffeta with black sequin bodice, three golden birds adorning her skirt. The petticoat beneath is a lovely tulle with white taffeta and lace; beneath the petticoat are white taffeta pantaloons with navy blue velvet ribbons and pink glissenette stockings. Her black strapped ankle boots have pink buttons and satin bows, while around her pale neck is a silver and black rhinestone-studded necklace. Standing 21-inches tall, this impressively beautiful doll is fully articulated.

The Gone With the Wind Southern Dream Scarlett may not be as statuesque – she stands half the height at 10-inches tall – but she’s still a vivid beauty in her luxurious dressing gown. Made of green velvet with golden trim and button accents, the gown is fully and elegantly embroidered with floor-length sleeves. Beneath the dressing gown is a lacy slip and corset, which just peek out around the buttoned front.

These Southern beauties will be arriving in stock very soon, but won’t linger for long. With God as their witness, they’ll soon be off to find better, brighter things – so pre-order now to guarantee these new additions to your Gone With the Wind collection!



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