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Good Meets Evil in These Amazing Batman Rogues Gallery Variant Figures

Batman has always had a style all his own. There’s nothing about the Caped Crusader that fans don’t love, from his suit to his psyche. In fact, the only characters that can hold a candle to Batman’s ferocious image are his enemies. But what if Batman were his own worst enemy? What if he took on the personality and swagger of his darkest foes? For the folks at Square-Enix, that little game of “What If” resulted in a mash-up of epic proportions.

Check out DC Comics Batman Mr. Freeze Rogues Gallery Play Arts Kai Variant Action Figure. This is the figure that embodies your doom and your salvation all at once. Hoping to freeze and preserve all living things forever, Mr. Freeze is one Batman villain with a style and look as iconic as the Caped Crusader himself. But when Batman takes on that style, amazing things happen. This figure stands over 10-inches tall and is covered in a surface texture of frost and ice that is differentiated over the specific areas of his armor and suit. No detailed are missed in this one, especially the translucent parts that emphasize his frozen finish. He comes with an outstanding array of accessories, including batarang, and ice axe, and the chilling Freeze Gun. This cryogenic nightmare is the stuff of dreams!

And of course, your collection cannot be complete without the mash-up of Batman with his most recognized villain. Meet DC Comics Batman Joker Rogues Gallery Play Arts Kai Variant Action Figure. Yes, Batman plays in the Joker’s sandbox and the result is nothing less than breathtaking. Standing at over 11-inches tall, Batman is adorned with a tattered straitjacket, dynamite, a flower, cans of pepper spray, and so much more. With a set of playing cards and a pistol that fires a flag, this ensemble shows the Clown Prince of Crime’s madness mixed with Batman’s darkness. From his pale skin to his bloodshot eyes to his grimace of humor, this is a disturbing mash-up that you won’t be able to resist.

Both of these stunning figures come packaged in a deluxe window-box with many interchangeable parts. These figures don’t come cheap, but the quality and craftsmanship are unmatched. Once you start believing your eyes, you can pre-order these figures at Entertainment Earth!



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