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Metroid Samus Zero Suit Statue

There was a time back in the mid-80s when thousands of gamers took on an alien fortress with the most badass hero in video game history, but without having any idea that they were playing a girl!

Metroid combined the world-building exploration of The Legend of Zelda and the side-scrolling excitement of Super Mario Bros. in one epic creation. At the end of a seemingly impossible victory, boys and girls everywhere were shocked when the feared and awed bounty hunter, Samus Aran, removed her helmet to reveal long, flowing hair. It was a twist ending that no one ever saw coming and showed that women could have a leading role in an action video game without having to compromise a single element.

Now you can bring home the most notorious bounty hunter alive with this Metroid Other M Samus Aran Zero Suit Statue. It features Samus as she appeared in her most form-fitting and exciting role, wearing her Zero Suit from Metroid: Other M.

This ice-blue suit was sleek and dynamic, making her bulk armor of the past games seem sluggish by design. This 8 ½-inch tall statue comes with a gun, a baby Metroid, display stand, and a whole lot of flair.

Samus is a character that has always had massive appeal and potential. This statue shows how a woman character can be powerful and sexy, able to dominate any foe. It is, perhaps, her lack of care about her own looks that helps to make her empowered attitude so appealing to male and female fans alike.

This highly detailed figure will complement any collection. You can pre-order yours today with free shipping at!

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Metroid Samus Zero Suit Statue



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