Slappy’s Happy to Come Home with You – and He’ll Never Leave!

Goosebumps is highly underrated as a horror series. Sure, it’s aimed at a younger crowd, and can be ridiculous at times. But there’s plenty of genuine fright to be had in this “kid-friendly” franchise.

Case in point: Slappy the ventriloquist dummy. Puppets? Often creepy. Ventriloquists? Definitely spooky.

When you throw in red hair Chucky would be envious of and a grinning, wide-eyed face fit for Jigsaw’s brother, you’ve got a high creep-factor combination.

Slappy the Dummy Prop Replica could have sprung straight from the Goosebumps TV show. At 1:1 scale, the prop measures an impressive 47-inches from head to toe and weighs 20 lbs. He’s a terrifying lapful, and no mistake.

Made from PVC and resin, he’s incredibly detailed with bulging green eyes, dimpled chin, and styled hair. Slappy comes with the magical incantation that brought him to life and is dressed to kill in a fabric costume, complete with dapper bowtie.

Slappy will make one helluva conversation piece, and a stand-out addition to any creepy collection. He’ll be arriving in stock this month, so you can even add him to a ventriloquist Halloween costume! (Please note: he’s a stunning prop replica – but not a working ventriloquist puppet.)



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