This GOTG Vol.2 Star-Lord ArtFX Statue is Great. Obviously.

Vol. 2 of Marvel’s craziest space opera is fast approaching, and to commemorate the sick beats and neon mayhem, Kotobukiya is launching new Guardians of the Galaxy ArtFX statues!

They’re kicking everything off with the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Star-Lord with Groot ArtFX Statue, depicting erstwhile Earthling and current interstellar rogue Peter Quill in mid-fight, quad blasters at the ready.

Sculpted by Dave Cortes using film references of star Chris Pratt, Star-Lord stands over 12 1/2-inches tall on his included environmental base. He’s customizable thanks to additional headpieces and accessories: choose from an unmasked head or helmeted head, and adjust Peter’s treasured headphones for those moments when the hero needs some tunes to groove (and blast) to.

As an extra special super fun bonus, baby Groot joins Star-Lord – you can fit him on Peter’s shoulder or simply pose him on the base by the human hero’s feet. The Kotobukiya plastic statue will arrive in a closed box and ships this September, so be sure to order now – the galaxy might very well depend on these heroes (Heaven help us all).




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