Gotham’s Terrible Twosome Are All Smiles for Their Mugshots in These Cryptozoic Busts

Cryptozoic Joker and Harley Mugshot Busts

Reminiscent of the colorful mugshots taken of gangsters in Prohibition, Cryptozoic’s latest DC Mugshot Busts feature a pair many consider to be the King and Queen of Batman’s Rogues Gallery.

Standing 6 1/2-inches tall, the Joker Mugshot Bust depicts the chaotic clown with a retro vibe, eschewing his trademark head-to-toe purple for just a few accents of the color in his glove and tie. Judging by the torn state of his clothes, that impressive shiner, and the bandaged nose, we can all guess just who turned him over to the mercies of the Gotham PD.

Lest we forget the Joker’s leading lady, the Harley Quinn Mugshot Bust has the dangerous dame wearing one of her classic jester costumes and a domino mask that doesn’t quite cover her mascara tear tracks. Judging by that crooked grin, though, she’s all done crying and already plotting her and her puddin’s escape.

Both villains are holding boards with their booking numbers, are affixed to stands featuring Gotham PD badges, and come with individually numbered certificates of authenticity.

Order the pair to complete the set, and we’ll deliver as soon as we’ve finished processing them. (Don’t delay, because these two surely won’t remain in police custody for long.)

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