Transform Your Funko Anime Collection with this Great Ape Goku Pop! Entertainment Earth Exclusive!

There is no reason to wait for a full moon to achieve your most dominate form!

Funimation and Funko’s latest exclusive Pop! in the Dragon Ball franchise comes in the form of this Dragon Ball Goku Great Ape 6-Inch Pop! Vinyl Figure – Entertainment Earth Exclusive.

While Goku’s first shown Oozaru transformation was featured in the Dragon Ball series, his Great Ape form has also been shown a variety of times in the Dragon Ball Z show and films via flashbacks.

Standing an arresting 6-inches tall with a muscular build, razor-sharp fangs, blood-red eyes, and a long tail (which monkeys have, but apes don’t) this figure perfectly recreates Goku’s powerful form but in the classic Pop! Vinyl aesthetic. His power will dominate the landscape of your figures while fitting in perfectly with the style and story. Packaged in a window display box, the Goku Great Ape Pop! looks great in or out of its box. Stop monkeying around and order today, only from Entertainment Earth!




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