You Need to Watch This Surreal Trailer for Great Detective Pikachu

If you do anything today, it should definitely be watching the trailer for Great Detective Pikachu: The Birth of a New Duo, a new Pokémon game from Nintendo.

Because this is a real thing.

This is perhaps the most anthropomorphic I’ve ever seen Pikachu – look at all those expressions!

He’ll be joined by a human companion, Tim, but it’s Pikachu who’s front and center as the newest sleuth on the scene.

The actual gameplay is still unclear, but Pikachu is definitely a determined protagonist and ready to solve the mystery.

The game will arrive in Japan on February 3 for the Nintendo 3DS and while there’s no word on when it might make its way to North America, I certainly hope it will happen soon because I’m fascinated by this game already.

Although it’s not like we have a lack of Pokémon this year or anything.

So what do you think of the trailer for Great Detective Pikachua? Sound off below!

And check out more Pokémon .

Source: Polygon



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