Do You Know the Rules of Taking Care of a Mogwai?

hen it comes to pint-sized fun and terror, few threats are cuter or scalier than the critters of the Gremlins franchise.

The mystical Mogwai are adorable only as long as you follow the three cardinal rules:

  1. Do not expose Mogwai to bright light.
  2. Never get Mogwai wet.
  3. And never – ever – feed Mogwai after midnight.

Of course, in true horror movie fashion, no one follows these ironclad rules and it’s not long before the cute and fuzzy Mogwai turn into the reptilian menace known as Gremlins.

Now you can bring your own favorite Mogwai and Gremlins home as these fun prop-style puppets! On the evil side of the scale choose from the standard Gremlin or Evil Stripe, the malicious leader of the mini monster army. Each Gremlin puppet can be operated via a hole in the back, with movement in the head and mouth.

Or, if you prefer sweet and cuddly over slimy and monstrous, order the Stripe Mogwai or Gizmo Mogwai. Designed by Russ Lukich with the original movie props as reference, these 10-inch tall furry Gremlins puppets are realistically detailed and are as close as you can get to the bona fide Mogwai props!

The original Gremlins may have run amok at Christmas time, but don’t wait for the holidays: order today and have your very own Mogwai friend in no time!



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