Sailor Moon Pullip Dolls Are Fighting Evil by Moonlight

Sailor Moon Dolls

By the power of the moon, we declare these Sailor Moon Pullip Dolls absolutely magical!

Created by Cheonsang Cheonha of South Korea, Pullip dolls are collectible fashion dolls, known for their stylized, oversized heads and realistic eyes that can move from side-to-side and blink.

These beautiful 12-inch dolls are detailed and look just like the characters you know and love!

All of the inner scouts are included and wear their traditional sailor uniforms from their tiny pleated skirts and bows to their various shoe wear and tiaras.

Tuxedo Mask is also available as a Pullip doll, wearing his dashing tuxedo and coming with a removable mask and top hat.

The dolls are posable, delightful, and currently available at Entertainment Earth with free shipping. Sailor Moon is in-stock and the rest are expected to arrive in July 2015.

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