The Galaxy’s Favorite Dynamic Duo Is Now in Backpack Form

Critics and fans alike were blown away by the first Guardians of the Galaxy film back in 2014. The wait for the highly anticipated sequel is almost here! To celebrate, you should pick up the Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Backpack AND the Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Backpack.

The most ferocious (and wise-cracking) varmint in the galaxy gets to show off his softer side with this spacious and comfortable backpack. Rocket’s intense gaze stares you down, but the soft ears and “tail” attached to this backpack reveal that he’s not all hard edges.

Groot is reborn as the adorable Baby Groot! He’s all smiles on this highly detailed and useful backpack. He’s a growing boy, as the top of his head extends slightly above the top of the bag. Now you can make sure that you carry your stuff in a backpack that looks simply Marvel-ous!

These must-have accessories will be available in May 2017. Place your pre-orders with Entertainment Earth now!



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