Guillermo del Toro Updates Status of Pacific Rim 2 on His Twitter Account

First, in case you missed it: popular director Guillermo del Toro has a Twitter! Yes, it is exactly as adorable and gothic and fun as you imagine.

Second, he has taken to said Twitter account to give an update on the troubled status of Pacific Rim 2.


In del Toro we trust.

This is good news. If you’ll recall, first production on PacRim 2 was put on indefinite hold, then Universal Pictures confirmed the sequel in a press release (albeit without a release date now, but still).

A submitted script doesn’t automatically mean the film will be greenlit, of course, but it’s a step in the right direction and proof that del Toro is still dedicated to this project.

Even if it is greenlit, we may not see it for a while given del Toro has said he’ll be working on a smaller film next. Still, I’d rather have confirmation that the movie’s happening, even if it’s not for a few years, than struggle being in limbo like I have been with Hellboy 3 for the past seven years.

You can check out del Toro’s current project, Crimson Peak, in theaters now.

What do you want to see out of Pacific Rim 2? Share your ideas in the comments!

Source: Twitter



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