Plush Superheroes Protect You From All Nightmares

DC Comics

Snuggle up with your very own superhero with these adorable DC Comics superhero 12-inch plush from Gund! They’ll watch over you while you sleep and add a dose of daily cuteness to your superhero bedspread.

Dressed as Batman, Malone the bear will tag along during your dream adventures! He’ll fight your nightmares and keep the crime fighters out of your sweet dreams. Pair him with Batman’s faithful sidekick Robin. Hardwin the bear dons the Wonder Boy’s ensemble to be the cutest fuzzy sidekick in Gotham!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a puppy! Griffin the dog assumes Superman’s mantle to keep you company in even a dream-land of Metropolis. While Superman hails from Krypton, Super-Griffin finds his home among your stuffed animal collection.

Who else could complete the Trinity than Wonder Woman herself? Anya the bunny rounds out the group as Princess Diana of the Amazons. With the recognizable W-logo on her blouse, this bunny is ready to kick butt and fight dream-land crime. Bad guys don’t stand a chance against her!

These cuddly buddies are currently available to order at Entertainment Earth, where every in stock purchase of $79 or more receives free shipping.

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