Gund Sets Phasers to Adorable with These Snuggly Star Trek Stuffed Animals

Star Trek Animal Plush

Kirk has always had the bravery of a lion, Spock the aloofness of a cat, and Bones the loyalty of man’s best friend – but now you can collect downright adorable animal versions of your favorite bridge crew!

For those who have been fans since childhood, the nerdy parents looking for the perfect addition to baby’s bedroom, or just collectors who appreciate cuteness, Gund has you covered with these snuggly stuffed animals.

Choose from the Captain Kirk Lion, the Mr. Spock Cat, the Dr. McCoy Dog, the Lieutenant Uhura Bear, the Lt. Commander Scott Monkey, or collect them all! Each plush is 12-inches tall and dressed in character-appropriate uniforms, and each one is just waiting for a good cuddle.

They’ll be arriving in July, so be sure to pre-order yours now.

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» Pre-Order Star Trek Captain Kirk Lion 12-Inch Plush

Star Trek Kirk Lion Plush

» Pre-Order Star Trek Mr. Spock Cat 12-Inch Plush

Star Trek Spock Cat Plush

» Pre-Order Star Trek Dr. McCoy Dog 12-Inch Plush

Star Trek Bones Dog Plush

» Pre-Order Star Trek Lieutenant Uhura Bear 12-Inch Plush

Star Trek Uhura Bear Plush

» Pre-Order Star Trek Lt. Commander Scott Monkey 12-Inch Plush

Star Trek Scotty Monkey Plush



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