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It’s Never Too Early to Get into the Halloween Spirit with These Reaction Figures


Halloween isn’t a holiday: it’s a state of mind. Every day can be Halloween so long as you keep it in your heart – for instance, December is just Holly Halloween, January is New Halloween, February is Heart Halloween…

Anyway, it’s never a bad time to indulge in some horror goodies. And Super7 has added a couple of heavyweights to their ReAction Halloween Series.

First up is the OG of bloodsuckers: Nosferatu. Forget all of that broody Byronic hero nonsense – real vampires have needle fangs, bat ears, and wicked claws. The iconic of the silent screen has been recreated as a 3 3/4-inch scale action figure with jointed shoulders and waist.

Then there’s the Master of Horror himself, Alfred Hitchcock. The bald British filmmaker is instantly recognizable in a sharp black suit and blood red tie. Like Nossie, he’s delivered in a retro-themed 6-inch x 9-inch cardback blister package.

These titans of the horror screen will be arriving this February – but no one knows how long they’ll linger, so order now!



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