Take the Helm of the Spirit of Fire Ship Replica Statue


One of the biggest game franchises has been reigning supreme for over 15 years. Now you can bring the game to your desk with the Halo UNSC Spirit of Fire Ship Replica Statue!

The Spirit of Fire is a heavily upgraded Phoenix-class colonial support vessel, tasked with deploying ground troops and prefabricated firebase facilities in support of UNSC expeditionary operations. Cavernous cargo bays that once held prefabricated schools and atmosphere processors now hold mobile armories and Pelican dropships. Its modular factory system was upgraded and retooled to produce the latest military hardware, and sensors that once assessed planets for pioneers are now turned to detecting hidden enemy forces.

This stunning replica measures 8-inches with base included. Along with the highly detailed ship, the base features a beautiful recreation of the USNC logo.

The Spirit of Fire will be available in March 2017, so place your pre-orders with Entertainment Earth now!

Halo UNSC Spirit of Fire Ship Replica Statue



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