Show Off Your Galactic Pride with These Star Wars Class Rings

Star Wars Class Rings

I’m sure I can speak for just about everyone in saying that memories of high school come complete with a mixed bag of emotions. Sure, there were the fun times: good friends, football games, and Prom are a few. There were also plenty of bad moments: homework, pop quizzes, and not fitting in are top contenders. However, what if you attended class in a galaxy far, far away? Do you think the ordinary teenage problems of Earth would still hold true? Now you can imagine a far grander high school experience with these Star Wars class rings!

Commemorate your time spent at the Imperial Academy with the .925 sterling silver Empire class ring. This exquisite circlet features the Galactic Empire insignia on one side, and an image of Darth Vader embossed on the other. In the center is an elegant black stone encircled by the lettering “Galactic Empire.”

For those that enjoy a more rebellious education, fondly remember your experience at the Rebel Academy with this Rebel class ring. This beautiful bauble showcases both the Rebel Alliance symbol and a daring X-Wing in mid-flight. A gorgeous red jewel is the centerpiece of this ringlet with the lettering “Rebel Alliance” surrounding it. This ring can be purchased in either .925 sterling silver or 14K gold vermeil plating/coating.

All three of these trinkets will be available soon, so place your pre-orders now and receive free shipping!

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