Add Some Horrific Flair with These Universal Monster Pins

When it comes to classic horror, Universal Studios holds prime real estate. Their stable of monstrosities includes greats like the bloodsucking Dracula, the swimmer-snatching Creature from the Black Lagoon, and that tragic undead patchwork man, Frankenstein‘s Monster.

Now Han Cholo is unleashing a series of premier pins, immortalizing these monstrous menaces of the silver screen.

Frankenstein is glowering with a thunderous brow while he reaches out, green jacket buttoned high and platform shoes planted. Meanwhile, the Bride of Frankenstein is stalking the halls of the dusty castle in her long white gown, bandaged arms held stiff at her side.

The pair are a real sight for sore eyes in the Lonely Heart Glow-in-the-Dark pin, which features the undead pair in profile in a black heart, bracketed by glowing lightning bolts.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon (also known as the Gillman), proves it isn’t easy being green, and just needs a hug or two – either that or he’s ready for a couple of energetic high-fives from fellow scuba divers.

Dracula is striking a pose with his red-lined opera cape unfurled; you can just hear the music the children of the night must be making in the background.

Each of the soft enamel pins is made with a gold metal finish and black enameled details. Measuring approximately 1 1/2-inches, they also feature a rubber clutch backing for secure attachment and arrive on a Han Cholo “Space Medusa” backing card.

This monstrous set of fashionable goodies will be arriving in stock this month, so pre-order the lot today!



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