Harley and Her Puddin’ Smile for the Camera


The infamous Clown Prince of Crime and his love-struck partner are known for turning Gotham upside down on occasion. Sometimes, with the help of a certain Dark Knight, the law wins, as is evident by these Batman Joker and Harley Quinn Mugshot Busts presented by Cryptozoic.

The Joker, as usual, is all laughs with a large grin on his face. He looks a little worse for wear, as he appears to be sporting a broken nose. His green hair is as vibrant as ever and his disheveled wardrobe features one purple glove. Even with shackles on his wrists and GCPD placard in hands, I don’t think the Joker will let anything get him down. This bust measures approximately 6 1/2-inches tall and comes with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity.

Of course, wherever the Joker is, Harley Quinn can’t be far behind. The acrobatic fool would follow Mistah J to the ends of the earth. She’s seen here in her usual red and black outfit, except her hood appears to have gone missing. Her large, blonde pigtails frame her face and her drawn-on black mask has started to smudge. Even though she’s been arrested, she can’t be too sad. She’ll be with her puddin’ again in no time!

Both of these highly detailed busts will be available in November 2017. Snatch them up while you can, you know handcuffs can’t hold these two for long!

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Harley Quinn Mugshot Bust

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Batman Joker Mugshot Bust



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