Can We Ever Have Enough Harley Quinn Toys?

She’s just pure fun. Pure, ridiculous, awesome FUN. Don’t get us wrong, she’s kind of a menace. But a fun menace. Shall we explore the newest Harley Quinn toys? Yes, please!

Check ‘em out below!

Harley Quinn in Injustice 2 is My Life Aesthetic!

The rainbow hair. The leather jacket. The skin-tight pants and the bad-ass corset. The hammer. That snicker. It’s how I live my life. Also, it’s not. But it is how Harley Quinn lives hers and this statue captures her every essence.

The Injustice 2 Harley Quinn looks like she’s about to rumble. I’d get out of her way, but I can’t stop looking at her! The details! The realistic details! (it’s all about the details, baby!)

She will fit perfectly into any Harley Quinn and/or DC collection. No JOKE… R.

Live the Harley Quinn aesthetic and get your Injustice 2 Harley Quinn statue right now!

This 1:8 scale plastic statue of Harley Quinn is based on her appearance in the game Injustice 2 and shows her wielding a massive hammer and preparing to draw her sidearm. Measuring approximately 9-inches tall, this statue is made of high-grade plastic and features detailed sculpting and paint applications.

Harley Quinn is Batman’s Sidekick?

What’s black and white and RED all over? (the actual joke should be said out loud and sounds like you’re saying “read” all over…duh.) It’s HARLEY QUINN!

And she is not here to play. She’s got her hammer and by the looks of things, she’s ready to use it.

This is a different side of Ms. Quinzel, though. Here, she is depicted as Robin. Yes, Batman’s sidekick. And she’s protecting Gotham with him! Check that Robin suit out, people!! She’s so lovable…and so scary at the same time!!

Enjoy this beautiful moment by ordering your Harley Quinn Guillem March Statue today!

Ever wondered what Harley Quinn would look like as Robin? Well, wonder no more with this adorable statue of Harley Quinn by Guillem March. Based on the Harley Quinn #58 cover in which Harley is seen protecting Gotham with Batman, we now can see what it would be like if Harley Quinn was Batman’s partner in crime-fighting. Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered. Statue measures slightly under 7-inches tall.

Get these Harley Quinn toys before it’s too late!



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