Harrison Ford Is a Gift: Tumblr, Indiana Jones, and the Fate of Han Solo

Harrison Ford is the resident curmudgeon in Hollywood, beloved by millions of people across the globe, who has become even more adored in the past year or so, thanks to his return as Han Solo and generally hilarious personality.

And by goodness, is he hilarious. Someone put this man in more comedies – he’s a walking treasure trove of comedic timing and dry humor.

So what brings this article out today? Besides 24/7 adoration of the man, Ford has been making press rounds again – namely Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Tumblr – to delight us to our very bones.

First up: Indiana Jones!

In this clip, Ford talks about returning to the role for the fifth time, alongside director Steven Spielberg, and the joy he gets from this character and franchise.

Regardless of your thoughts on Ford’s age, the continuation of the franchise, or anything else, it’s hard to deny being charmed by his positive attitude about the film. I’m ready for him to put the hat back on.

Next, Ford discussed with Jimmy Kimmel the fate of Han Solo, and whether or not he’ll be in any more Star Wars films.

Okay, so it’s less of a discussion re: his future involvement, but his response is certainly curious. Could Han Solo return as a ghost? Or maybe Episode VIII will pull a Godfather: Part II and be full of flashbacks. Or he’s just pulling all our legs. I certainly wouldn’t put it past him.

Then, just yesterday, he did a Q&A via Entertainment Weekly’s Tumblr and it was more than we could have ever hoped for. Below are only some of the golden answers he provided fans.







Also he’s a Hamilton fan!



And, of course, he talked about his best friend…




Blessed is the day Harrison Ford entered our lives.

What are your thoughts on everything he has to say? Sound off below with your favorite Harrison Ford moments and quotes!

Source: YouTube and EW



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