These Bags Are Just the Thing for Students Returning to Hogwarts

For many, it’s back to school time. Perhaps you got an acceptance letter by owl, or are watching your own little ones hop onto the train (or bus) for the first time. No matter the age, school means books, and books need bags.

Good thing we at Entertainment Earth have you covered! Whether you’re a witch, a wizard, or a Muggle in-the-know, this Harry Potter line is just what the Ministry ordered! (And even if you’re not a student, never fear – these bags are for everyone!)

This Platform 9 3/4 Mini Brief Handbag is a fabulously fantastic piece of movie magic – just the sort of bag a new professor would take to class. An adjustable strap is ideal for an over the shoulder look, and the bag itself is stamped with various iconic logos from the magical movies.

The Crest Packable Tote Bag is perfect for those quick jaunts by Floo Powder to Diagon Alley, big enough for a number of potions ingredients, books from Flourish and Blotts, and a wand from Ollivander’s. Or maybe just groceries. The tote can be folded and stored in the handy pouch shaped like Harry’s Hogwarts acceptance letter!

And we can’t forget the Gryffindor and Gryffindor Icon Backpacks, for those serious students with hefty loads. The first features the House colors of Godric Gryffindor and is stylized in the classic college look. Features include an internal padded laptop slide pocket big enough for a 15-inch laptop and various pockets. The backpack is made of mixed polyester and measures 17-inches tall x 12-inches wide x 5-inches deep. The second backpack is covered in imagery and text inspired by Gryffindor, made of polyester, and measures approximately 18-inches tall x 12-inches wide x 5-inches deep.

Order today and we’ll be sure to get these magical goodies in the Owl Post as soon as possible!



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