Magic Can Be Found at San Diego Comic-Con with These Harry Potter Collectibles Making Their Debut

Available first from Entertainment Earth at San Diego Comic-Con 2018! Amaze and astound your friends with these magical Harry Potter collectible items.

Harry Potter Snitch

First up, grab your brooms and chase the Harry Potter Mystery Flying Snitch. Using your hands, command the snitch to rise and fly around your body, flapping its wings as it soars. This amazing item is a perfect cosplay accessory! Included are the Mystery Flying Snitch, 8 patented flying activators, a display plinth, a Quidditch poster, and instructions.  There are 3 different flying activator threads included, from heavy to medium to fine grades. The thicker threads are for practice before you become an expert wizard and move on to the finest thread, where it becomes almost impossible to see. Very much like a magic illusion.

Harry Potter Wand

What the heck is a Wingardium Leviosa? Harry Potter fans know! Learn your first charms with this amazing Harry Potter Wingardium Leviosa Kit. Using your wand, command the feather to rise and hover before your very eyes – no wizarding school degree required! This set includes Hermione’s wand, a white feather, 8 patented flying activators (with 3 different grades), and instructions.

Harry Potter

Tom Riddle’s diary was invisibly filled with his secrets and memories. Now, fill it with yours! Using the “magic” quill, write your secrets in invisible ink. Then view them only when you shine your wand’s UV tip at the page to reveal what you’ve written! This wonderful set includes the Tom Riddle Diary Notebook, an invisible-ink pen, and a UV wand.

The first opportunity for fans to grab these bewitching Harry Potter items will be at San Diego Comic-Con on July 19, 2018, in the Entertainment Earth booth #2343!

Not attending San Diego Comic-Con 2018? Pre-order* the Harry Potter collectibles at Entertainment Earth now!

Continue to check Entertainment Earth for the latest convention exclusive news.

*NOTE: This item will first be sold during San Diego Comic-Con 2018 at the Entertainment Earth booth #2343. If supplies remain after the show, pre-orders will be filled and shipped to you then, in August 2018.



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